Honk!y Tonk! Soul!

Coralee and the Townies are a Lexington, Kentucky based band of a genre they’ve self-defined as HONKY TONK SOUL. And it’s a fitting description, as the sextet whoops and weeps with traditional authenticity and contemporary energy, with Coralee’s husky vocals front and center and the Townies providing a righteous, raucous rootenanny soundtrack around her.  (CityBeat Magazine)

We've done it. We've finally released our first record, Criminal Pride, and you can buy it here! BUT! Unless you're an out of Townie, I really do urge you to come to a show or head over to our local record store, CD Central, and pick up a tangible copy of this thing. It's good for us! and it's good for you! and! it's good for real live record stores. We'll be working to get Criminal Pride into local stores in the surrounding area as well. So stay tuned!

Lennon Michalski, a Lexington based artist and man we're proud to call friend, provided the original painting featured in the album artwork. Please take a minute and head over to his website to see more of his paintings, as well as sketches and digital art. DO IT. You will be delighted. 


Criminal Pride

by Coralee and the Townies

The first full length release from Coralee and the Townies of Lexington, Kentucky; Produced and Mixed by Duane Lundy and Coralee at Shangri-la in Lexington, Kentucky.

  1. 1 $0.99 Night Song 04:30
  2. 2 $0.99 Bird and a Bee 03:56
  3. 3 $0.99 Song of Blue 03:59
  4. 4 $0.99 Hot Minute Thing 04:45
  5. 5 $0.99 Low Down Love 04:16
  6. 6 $0.99 Cautionary Chorus 03:11
  7. 7 $0.99 Criminal Pride 03:30
  8. 8 $0.99 Tempest Prelude 01:04
  9. 9 $0.99 Tempest Winds 06:29
  10. 10 $0.99 Trainwreck Town 05:16
  11. 11 $0.99 Always Darlin 03:29

Fred Sexton and David White have a blog now. It's right here:

"You're the female Gram Parsons" - Rosie Flores 

This week we were given a last minute opportunity to open a show for the phenomenal Rosie Flores. The epitome of cool, charming, and captivating - her performance was one of the best I've ever seen. And the woman knew just how to pull my heart strings! She hugged me and told me I am the female Gram Parsons and I was so overjoyed by this I screamed, or you may actually say I yelped in her ear! Doh! And later on stage, she offered the same outstanding compliment to the crowd and then turned to me and sang "She's got everything she needs, she's an artist..." - a line from Bob Dylan's song, She Belongs to Me, from the album Bringing It All Back Home. My heart exploded. And I do believe that it now Belongs to Her. Good Grief!

Coralee and the Townies to perform at the 21st Annual Master Musicians Festival 

This week we had the pleasure of performing at the line-up announcement party for the Master Musicians Festival - this would be a strange gig if we weren't a part of the line-up?! But we are thrilled to announce that we, in fact, are! We're honored and very excited. Somerset felt like a home away from home. We met a lot of fantastically friendly folks (including a man who ran monitors for Dylan and the Dead tours! Ah!) and are really looking forward to returning this July. Higgity Honk. ! -xoCo

Buckle Up Music Festival lineup includes WE the Townies! 

Click on this link - Buckle Up Schedule - and see why I spent Tuesday running around my apartment acting like a maniacal monkey. Here are two bits of information about me - one you could easily guess: I LOVE Emmylou Harris. Do I really need to elaborate? You know. I know you do. And! one so specific you couldn't know: When I was a kid I drove my family crazy singing along to Alison Krauss' Now That I've Found You (which my sister bought for me - or maybe bought for herself, actually, but it was definitely mine) in my bedroom. CRAZY. I drove them crazy. I have always been very loud.

Also. Here's a bonus bit of info for you: Fred Sexton thinks Willie Nelson is Santa Claus. He's so confused! But really excited!

Now go and click that link. We're so very lucky! -xoCo

Coralee and the Townies perform LIVE! and INSIDE! 91.3 WUKY  

​Coralee and the Townies owe a big! thanks! to Mike Graves and Joe Conkwright for having us into the station for a live interview and performance. They treated us so kindly and interviewing with Joe was a total breeze! The whole dang thang was filmed, as well (which we were not! prepared for! we were all wearing our DeBraun Thomas costumes!) and we've been told it'll be up on the WUKY website soonish - we'll share a link to it here when we can! Because we blog now. They say it's the thing to do. I'm going to make David White write one of these. Oh boy!  -xoCo 

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